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The Purpose of Life

The taittirīya upaniṣad (3.6.1) states: 


From Happiness, indeed, all these beings originate; 

Having been born, they are sustained by (the pursuit of) Happiness; 

they move towards and merge in that Happiness (in the end). 


The Vedic scriptures clearly state that the purpose of life is to seek Happiness. Inevitably all human beings pursue Happiness unconsciously as if it’s programmed in our DNA.



Is Vedanta for Everyone?

Giving up all karmas, take refuge in me alone. I will release you from all Karmas; do not grieve. This teaching is never to be taught to the one who has no religious discipline, nor to the one who has no devotion, nor to the one who is not willing to listen, nor to the one who finds fault with me. - Bhagavad Gita (18.66-67)

Meditation in Vedanta

Meditation is defined to be a mental practice with the exclusion of verbal and physical disciplines. The role of meditation in Vedanta is not a direct means to Freedom (mokṣa) but yet an important one. śaṅkara differentiates meditation from Self Knowledge in chāndogya upaniṣad bhāṣya as,